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Joker Passed
There's an empty cell in Arkham today.
I pushed the door open, let it swing.
The hinges creaked, then silence.
There was no laughter in the stone.
The bed was quiet.
The light, of course, would betray nothing.
I took one step in, kept my eyes on his window.
So, this is what he saw as he died.
Gotham, spread like cancer, interrupted by bars.
The sky was violet like his shirt.
I popped the collar against the damp and drew
my breath deep.
It still smelled like him, like blood, like sex,
like violence.
There'd never be another him.
People wept with joy.
I just wept.
The night was pockmarked with car horns, barks,
But it was a face he had loved.
I had much to learn.
There's an empty cell in Arkham today.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 3 3
Tell Me, Darling
Tell me, darling, absent lover,
    why should I not feel betrayed?
Your eyes, your hands
    so mark'd upon my nightmares,
    my deepest longings
are nowhere to be felt.
It is not love.
If such a powerful, sweet affliction
drove you,
    would you not be here beside me?
The space glares as a wound,
this gaping hole on
    one side of the bed
that God, that Great Surgeon
has failed to suture.
It is not love.
I do not mind a walk alone;
    the violets, the fireflies will keep me
    as you never could.
You were never mine as I was never yours.
Years too late, my love.
I'm getting on that jet plane
    and I'm never coming home.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 2 5
When Cash Died
I cried the day the Man in Black
     passed into that kingdom of white--
and the fissures, those little cracks
     broke me, in the light
of a winter morning crisp and cold
     when youth still stained my mind;
Mourning, a gentleman, striving bold,
     with his dark suit as a mine
full of diamonds took my hand
     and led me far astray,
away from ships and plains and lands
     where oft his guitar played.
I may not have seen those Folsom halls
but I would answer, should their bard call.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 0 0
New Mexican Lullaby
When the sun hangs like a dead man
in that blue, spread-open coffin
I'll go to Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I'll go to Santa Fe
in my Chevrolet,
and I will sing minuets to the asphalt
as I fly over it like a
saint thrown out of hell.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
The mountains will shake their hips
because I'll be blasting Queen,
bleeding that melodic royalty
from my open windows.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
I've always wanted to be a cowgirl.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
I've always wanted to be new.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
I'll cut my heart out of my chest
and keep it in a jar
in my front seat so I have something
to talk to.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
The jackalopes will form chorus lines
and chant,
"Let's dance in style, let's dance for a while."
I'll go to Santa Fe.
Rolling waves of shifting sands
underneath a moon like a quarter dollar.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
Listen, listen!
The sound of rain on adobe walls,
like the falling of rice on wood.
I'll go to Santa Fe.
See the girls dance, and
twirl their skirts as if they were
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 1 0
Mature content
Where Are My Pants? :iconseussical-love:seussical-love 6 2
We Were Lucky
We were lucky. These were the slow kind. Of zombies, that is. They shuffled their feet as they trudged over the baseball diamond; some of them were missing their lower jaws, so their tongues swayed as they moved. I found it better if they missed appendages rather than walking around without any skin.
I was with my best friend, Tegan, who was reclining on the bleachers. There was no wind; her blonde hair fell in a sheet. She blew a big, pink bubble with her gum and then popped it. The snapping sound was harsh. "You ready to do this?" She asked me, reaching up and touching the brim of her baseball cap as she stared out at the approaching horde through a chainlink fence.
I hefted my trusty baseball bat, Big Sal, onto my shoulder. "Let's do this. Shake and bake, baby."
"Yeah. Shake and bake."
I waited for Tegan as she climbed down from her seat, and she lead the way through the unlocked gate by the home team's dugout.
"No today, colonel."
The first hit is the best.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 0 0
On The Mountain
On the mountain did Chernabog rest
breathing smoke and fog
upon the moors and bogs.
While water dogs
dripping like clockwork--
     wheels and cogs
stood on their shores
maws silent as they stared
at the summit, glossed
over by the stars--
though the
demon's shape, his hoggish build
was betrayed by the moon
upon his God-locked wings.
They saw Death
that their masters, so boxed inside
their daily jobs like trap't foxes
failed to notice.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 2 0
That Goldblum Strut
Seeing him walk was like hearing an improv jazz session, complete with a spindly-fingered pianist looking at your all doe-eyed from underneath the spotlight's glare. Jeff always seemed to take up more space than he actually did, but the lank in his limbs was melodious, in harmony with his smooth legato gait.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 7 2
Affixed to her fridge were flame magnets, the kind you were supposed to put on your car. It looked as though the fridge was trying to fly through the floor, which wasn't yielding. There was also a scrap of red carpet duct-taped over a hole in the front plastic layer of the freezer door. Someone had drawn a crude penis on the fabric with a black marker, complete with a little smiley face. On the inside, several large nails had been hammered in, forming the shape of a cross. There were splatters of something red around it.
Inside, there was nothing save for about fifteen shot glasses filled with different colored kinds of jello. Likewise, there wasn't a lot in the freezer, aside from about five bottles of bottom-shelf gas station liquor.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 1 2
Mature content
When I Am Alone :iconseussical-love:seussical-love 2 4
Ava stood in the middle of her bed. Her sheets were a horrific shade of burgundy. Her head almost touched the ceiling. The shaking stopped, everything in her room settling. The vibrations ended as soon as they began, and as they stopped it was like something died, something they ought to mourn, whatever it was. Ava's neighbor, Eve, who used to be addicted to crank, slammed her door open, eyes wide and red-rimmed. Eve, though she had been in the program for several weeks, was still very much in the grips of that great, white monster—at least, she was where it would hurt her the most. "I almost died, Ava! Jesus tits!" That's all she said, and then fled. Ava blinked, then gazed out of her bedroom window onto the desert beyond. She hated her window and the desert, the eternal dunes that stretched on like a fever. She hated Eve, these white-washed walls with their little jagged pinholes, the bed she stood upon.
Ava hated rehab. Ava hated rehab unlike she had ever detested anything in h
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 3 5
Oh, that I had strength
to walk away from this city!
These bricks, these sidewalks
would fall away like chains--
I'd never look back.
My soul will bleed out
the bottoms of my feet
on the asphalt, that Armageddon
sunrise painting my world
Who knew that all we needed
for a perfect beginning
was this beginning's end?
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 8 6
Mature content
Lillith :iconseussical-love:seussical-love 1 0
Apartment 34F
The floors are mostly clean except for the crumbles of plaster that have fallen from the cracks in the wall. The sofa is warm in certain patches and there are smooth valleys in the cushions. There are chains on the front door. The apartment has been sealed from the inside. Aside from the chains and the crevices branching out from the doorframe, standing in the living room everything appears normal. There is a medium-sized TV and a coffee table. Magazines are fanned naturally across the surface.
When you walk through the back hallway, however, something is amiss. The door to the bedroom is locked and there are three rough lines going down the length of it. Something red glitters where the wood has splintered. In the bathroom the sink is leaking. Bare drywall is exposed where tiles have fallen down, or been knocked away. Most of them are in the bathrub, over which there is a large, jagged-edged hole. This hole should lead to the outside, but it does not. Instead, there is only a thick bl
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 0 0
Mature content
Carrie :iconseussical-love:seussical-love 1 1
Untitled II
I never thought I'd need
a blanket in the middle
of June, but your cold
shoulder has me frostbitten
to the veins.
:iconseussical-love:seussical-love 4 4

Random Favourites

Standing on Broken Bones
Standing On Broken Bones
I'm standing on broken bones,
Looking over on to you,
My heart spreading this poison,
My eyes wetter and glazed,
And so the tears hit the floor,
Making buckets and pails,
You just gaze at the mess you've made,
I coldly fall to my knee's,
My spine cracking and breaking,
Spilling my heart from my sleeve,
And you calmly turn and walk away,
My breaths grow heavy and few,
Tears turn from drops to rain,
Slowly it starts flooding my soul,
You've killed me with just a few words,
Taken my heart and taken yours back.
- Coenraad Vlietstra
:iconnosteam:nosteam 5 5
An insomniac thinking about things best left unthought.
A deserted vagabond without will to mend thing wrought.
Not remembered anymore.
Were you but a whore, now abhord.
Unfair and venoumous the comment made.
I'd say im sorry but it would fade.
Cycle of anger, forgivness, and hate.
Alas its much too late.
Too late to end this perpetuation.
Much too great was my infatuation.
Dearly loved by me were you,
and yet you left the world a hue.
A hue thats gray and dark.
Oh how I wish to hear a lark.
A lark sing a happy tune,
and bring me back to my life of boon.
Bring back the color the thrill and the hope.
Bring me out of this sadness, stop my mope!
Oh inner lark please do me this.
Escape to the warmth that I miss.
Escape my shattered icey heart.
Escape it all, find somewhere new to start.
:iconandrewaotasek:AndrewAotasek 5 6
memories of a ghost
in times long gone
we played together
shared our joy as one
the best of friends forever
so when that fateful day appeared
i could not help
but push you away
thus you spiralled into hating me
i watched on unforgiven
as you tore yourself apart
blaming yourself for everything
but i forgave you long ago
:iconthe-psychic-paligin:The-Psychic-Paligin 8 16
what betrayals can do...
It's enough that you hurt me
It's enough that you stabbed me behind
You don't have to keep pushing me
Till I fall down and you break me even more
It's enough when I remember your betrayals
It burns me inside
It burns hopes and faith in my heart
It burns every good left in my soul
I wish you saw the tears I shed
When you turned your back on me
And broke every promise I thought you'd never break
You raised hatred in me
Hatred for love and happiness
I'm sorry but I just want you to know
That I love you no more
Your betrayals made it easier to forget
What we had
Between me and you…
:icondeath-19-angel:DeAtH-19-aNgEl 2 13
REPO MEN Artiforg Design Contest Semi-Finalists
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:iconmargotdent:margotdent 56 79
Just a lil' Head. by theCHAMBA Just a lil' Head. :iconthechamba:theCHAMBA 188 26 Vespa love by sebaxido Vespa love :iconsebaxido:sebaxido 16 9 tell me i'm frozen by nessie-x tell me i'm frozen :iconnessie-x:nessie-x 115 134
The Air
The air,
thick with corpses
In the cemetery, I walk.
Only the dead
Invade your olfactories
like invisible grim reapers,
telling their story,
promises of your tale
of your end.
You'd be lucky to rot in our cemetery,
they say.
Some soldiers
Some fighters
Of the daily war we call life.
I wander the rows,
And contemplate
Why she dedicated her life
to following her husband's shadow
Why the infant died so young
What the earth looked like
When they were buried here
So much history, so much
to prove how insignificant
They were
And I am
But you wouldn't know it
By the way I act,
My inflated self-importance
and shroud of self-loathing,
a fearful
I can take a bullet,
but I can't handle how I feel
when she looks at me that way,
when she focuses on something
other than my little designs,
when she shares her heart
her thoughts
her words
With another
I'd break a mirror
Just to feel the glass on my skin
But then I'd just have more imperfections
And I can't handle the on
:iconcjheery:cjheery 3 25
Playing with my guitar by DigitalHyperGFX Playing with my guitar :icondigitalhypergfx:DigitalHyperGFX 1,404 715 Cream puff by lily-fox Cream puff :iconlily-fox:lily-fox 300 107 window sill by choney25 window sill :iconchoney25:choney25 33 13 Forest of Snowdrops by Easten Forest of Snowdrops :iconeasten:Easten 1 1 Choices by itsaki Choices :iconitsaki:itsaki 3 6 Withering Among the Dead by itsaki Withering Among the Dead :iconitsaki:itsaki 9 5



1. Whats your name?

2. How tall are you?

3. Natural hair color? (if you can remember it)

4. What about eye color?
Also brown!

5. What orientation are you?

6. Are you single, taken, or undecided?
Taken. :3

7. What do you do in your spare time?
Dick around on the internet, read, play video games, bother Jordan.

8. What's your job?
I'm a bindery assistant in Edmon-Low. (:

9. What's one thing you like about yourself?
I have a cute nose.

10. Alright, now what about something you dislike about yourself?
Being crazy. D:

11. What's some things your friends noticed about you when they first met you?
I talk. A lot. About EVERYTHING.

12. Of what faith/religion are you(if any at all?)
Christian/pagan/Buddhist. :D Uhm. Taoist. It's a big mix of things.

13. Do you drink?

14. Do you smoke?

15. What are your fears?
What the hell I'm gonna do after I graduate I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I'M DOING LOLOLOLOL.

16. What are your dreams/goals?
Be a famous writerrrr.

17. Who's your best bud?
Fffff Jordan. He is. And a certain group of ladies. (:

18. Alright, you got the cravin' for munchies, what'cha reachin' for?
Generally BBQ.

19. Favorite drink?
Vodka. <3

20. Favorite color?

21. If you had any super power, what would it be?
Shapeshifting, that would be awesome.

22. Favorite movie?
Beauty and the Beast motherfucker.

23. Least favorite food?
Carrots. I fucking hate them. HATE.

24. Quick! You have only one meal left before you die!!! What is it?

25. What do you drive/wish you drove?
I drive an '05 Chevy Impala, white with a little gold stripe. (:

26. Most disliked bug?
Wasps. D:

27. Most hated pet peeves?
Ffffff uhhh huh. People getting mad when I don't drop everything I'm doing and go do something for/with them. I mean, come on now. There are only so many hours in the day. Let's not be silly.

28. Dislike in life?
Shitty books that still somehow make TONS of money.

29. Most annoying?
People who don't understand that without my meds I get suicidal and insane. I cannot choose to be off of them. It is beyond that. Dear jeez.

30. Most disliked TV show?
Johnny Test. EW. Moar Adventure Time plz.
  • Reading: Twelfth Night (W. Shakespeare)
  • Watching: Harry Potter &amp; The Sorcerer's Stone


Morgan the Great
United States
I am not so serious, this passion is a plagiarism; I might join your century but only on a rare occasion. I was taken out before the labor pains set in and now behold the world's worst accident: I am the girl anachronism. (:

Operating System: Mac OS X.
MP3 player of choice: Ipod.
Favourite cartoon character: Aang, 'Avatar - The Last Airbender'
Personal Quote: "Dare to be happy."


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